I was born in Spain from Serbo-Croatian parents and moved to New York to play basketball and finish my last two years of high school - I was dreaming of playing in the NBA. That dream didn't go as planned so an old forgotten dream came back to me. While I was completing my Business degree in Boston University, I acted in several theater plays and short films, which turned on that spark from my elementary school years where I acted in school plays. So I decided to complement my business studies with acting courses at the Michael Chekhov's Actors Studio in Boston, where led by Scott Fielding I focused on the Chekhov and Meisner techniques.

At the beginning of 2017, I got my first professional acting job in a theater play, the role of Pancho in Tennessee Williams' play The Night of the Iguana playing alongside James Earl Jones, Amanda Plummer, Dana Delany, and more. I've directed, as well as acted in several short films, which you can find in my reel or my YouTube channel.

From November to August 2018 I traveled for 10 months around the world, visiting 12 countries, taking in new beautiful and breathtaking "images" to develop my imagination as an actor.

I am currently working in Spain with flexibility to move to other countries.

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